URLs Blacklisted By Google for Copyright Infringement

1.75 Billion URLs Blacklisted By Google for Copyright Infringement

According to Google’s Transparency report, some up to 1.75 billion URLs have been blacklisted from Google’s search results. Inclusive in this figure are requests that have been received as far back as 2012.

In the report, a total of about 895 thousand websites was affected, with 39 million of those requests for take down being rejected.
Google in it strives to make everyone understand the impact of copyright and copyright infringement received volumes of requests. Google’s team will then swing into action and if a particular request is found to be lacking in the necessary information, for example, suspected to be fraudulent or failed the review test of Google’s team for completeness, then there is no way a push back can be avoided. Google don’t just delist a URL has suggested to them; they ensure the claim of the copyright owner is confirmed and is true.


The process of submitting copyright take down requests is, however, easy and is expected to be from the owner of the copyrighted contents. Google is fast about the reviewing process and in no time will be out with the result of their review. If the request is found to be through, the offending website will be delisted and its owner will be duly notified.

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