3 Trends that will Change SEO in 2016

Google is now beginning to be particular about the links it uses for ranking purposes, an overuse of which may attract a penalty. This is what is popularly known as link building. It used to work magic for SEO and SEM prior now but its effectiveness for organic traffic is now under a question tag.

The Google penguin update is being anticipated to focus on quality of contents and the links that are pointing back to a website. This is only lending credence to why focus is drifting off link building and other nifty tools like keywords that used to be potent for search engine optimization.

Having briefly considered two tools that used to work for SEO in the past but that are now becoming otherwise obsolete or impotent, only is it necessary and important to consider granting recognition to the new tools of SEO that are displacing the older ones and to what end.

1. Contents that are users targeted not Search Engine Targeted

Before now it used to be keywords that are targeted at search engines. Websites will be optimized for certain keywords and that will just be about what will drive in the much needed audience. 2016 and the tides are changing. Google wants contents that will be accessible and useful to all. They have reiterated this a number of times with phrases like ‘content is king’. No wonder they are rejecting AdSense applications in their numbers. Blog and site owners feel they could just plagiarize any work online and sure it will generate the needed traffic seeing their site is optimized for search engines. But this is what Google is against;instead, they want contents that will provide answers to the intent behind searches.

And by the way, searches are to be conducted by humans or if I was wrong, why do we have anti-robotics checks everyplace on the internet? And for SEO to be human-focused is to imply you know your audience, you know their expectations of you, and you are giving them just about what they need and/or want.

2. Localization of Mobile Searches 

It is for such reason that a new search engine called plonked shoots into the web space some couple of weeks ago. It is a business niche search engine providing detailed information about businesses.

Now with Increasing mobile searches, it is not uncommon to see it making ways and case for local search SEO programs.

3. Other Search Engines

Focus is shifting from Google: YouTube entertains over 3 billion monthly. Twitter with over 2 billion searches daily. Also, Amazon searches has been found to be over 1 million per second. It suffices to state that attention may be straining off Google. These channels are capable of improving website visibility. And so for the umpteenth time what again is the definition of Search Engine Optimization?

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