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Clarify Your Content Marketing: – Go Wide and Deep

Difference between Wide and Deep Content: Wide content:  Primarily focuses on a broad topic. It has a large target audience and offers opportunities for further research and minute details. Deep content:  Writes about a narrower topic and tries to delve deep into the specific details of any niche Advantages of a Wide Content: Appeals to […]

Instagram Has Rolled Out Brand New Tricks, Including GIF’s and Text-Only Stories Screen

Instagram happens to be a new-favorite amongst teens and is one of the most-preferred social-media apps to post all the latest happenings of your life through photographs and quotes. But as Instagram keeps adding pressure on its peer-competitors like Snapchat, the app, now owned by Facebook does something new every day to get remain easily […]

Wow! The Brand New Google Search Console Now Comes With Lots More Comparison Filters

Google Search Console, to begin with, is an amalgamation of resources and tools to assist website operators, web marketers, webmasters and SEO professionals to keep a track on the performance of the website in the index of Google search.The features of Google Search Console comprises information about search traffic, crawl data, search appearance, technical status […]

The Annoying URL Display Problem Of The AMP Cache Is All About To Change

There is no doubt that marketing is an absolute necessity for every business. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a startup or an MNC as for every business to grow in this competitive market, it needs exposure. Digital marketing or optimising the company’s website according to Google’s search engine protocol gives this exposure.  Every year, Google […]

Why Image Link Building in SEO Is Important?

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a process that has an influence on the online visibility of a website or a webpage. Now to make a search engine look more attractive and to garner attention from viewers it is advisable to link images in SEO. But one has to remember that image linking […]

Ways To Rank In Google Image Search

It is not at all surprising that almost one-third of all the number of searches that are performed in Google are for images, which means, that it is not an area of the SEO to be taken lightly. Owing to this reason, we bring you some useful tips to help you rank in Google Image […]

Using Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics

Using custom dimensions in Google Analytics is not possible until we have a basic idea of custom dimensions. Basically, they are responsible for sanctioning you to store non-standard information in Google Analytics. This in turn helps you to segment any information and data that are based on the custom dimensions. You can also use custom […]

All You Need To Know About Duplicate GMB Listings

Before beginning, find out if the listing is verified. If it is, there is nothing to do until you have it unverified. Next, you need to know if the unverified duplicate has the identical address as the verified listing. Contact GMB support to merge the two listings in that case. If they aren’t same, see […]

Simple tricks to create an awesome URL

Each and every website has a unique URL. This URL sets it apart from all another website. To make it simple and easily understandable, every URL should have the following features – Explain the Content – The more amount of details which you are able to add to your URL, the better it is for […]

Predictions about the local SEO market

Though it might be a bit early to predict, but we are trying to forecast some of the trends which might be taking over the local search engine development markets in the upcoming months. In this article we try to work into the future and help the local small businesses as well as the agencies […]

Impact of Meta tags on SEO

Meta tags are small text snippets which often describes the contents of any page. There have been various tags in use from the blog culture and Meta tags are some of the similar things. They are little descriptions which explain to the search engine about what the web page is about. The help the website […]

Can we really rely on the Google Search Console?

In the present world, only a few sources of data are relied upon by each and every search engine. There are some which are popular but not always the most favored one. One of those sources which are relied upon by almost all search engines in is the Google Search Console which was earlier known […]

How Can SEO Influence YouTube Videos?

If you use YouTube, then you know that it has immense potential as a traffic source, but it can get extremely crowded. You can get views for your video through video SEO, which can help you to get more views than the other competitors. You should make sure that you are aware of what you […]

Smart On-Page SEO Techniques

When you are thinking about how to push up a ranking for a website, then you need to think about the on-page SEO methods that you are going to use. This is where you ensure that your content is fully optimized for the keywords that you have chosen, which includes some important details. You need […]

SEO Trends to Stay Updated in 2016

Everyone knows that SEO is an area that is always changing, which is why you need to be up-to-date on the most current methods. You should make sure that you are watching some of the hottest pages to figure out their methods or figure out which type of driving traffic to your site that you […]

Google Begins Roll Out of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google’s stride on the content side towards creating mobile-friendly and engaging experiences isn’t what is unknown to digital marketers (or at least to those who have been following Google’s search engine updates). There have been several updates to this effect and now, Google is rolling out the Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP pages are been said […]

Google AMP Now Report Error In Search Console Differently

Basically Google is changing how AMP error reports works. More or fewer AMP errors as can be seen on the vertical update line of the Google Search Console report, effective from the 19th of September 2016, marks a significant change in the way the new Google AMP handles error report.   Again, Google’s AMP error […]

No Date For Penguin 4.0

With less than one month to the two year anniversary of Penguin 3.0, and as many await the launch of the latest Penguin update, Google, however, over the weekend, hinted that those waiting for Penguin 4.0 might have to wait even longer. A search for Penguin 4.0 returns million of results. Sure some of those […]

Google Updates Drive With New Cool Features

Google is at it again. This time, they are making sure that those features you love about some particular Google services are not missing in the other. As one way, Google is constantly introducing new tools that will allow customers to do more, one of which is the introduction of new cool features into the […]

Google Launches Motion Stills, a looping Image Tool

The latest coming from tech giant Google is Motion Stills. Motion Stills is a photo app. It can turn Apple Live Photos into cool animations. Basically, how it works is that having captured a live photo (which could be a short video) on your iPhone, Motion Stills will create a smooth loop while separating the background […]

3 Trends that will Change SEO in 2016

Google is now beginning to be particular about the links it uses for ranking purposes, an overuse of which may attract a penalty. This is what is popularly known as link building. It used to work magic for SEO and SEM prior now but its effectiveness for organic traffic is now under a question tag. […]

Google To Update Its Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Mobilegeddon was originally launched to have a significant impact on mobile results. But seeing it isn’t having such impact, should it then be the reason why Google is trying to roll out this new update? Sequel to its launch in April 2015, Google has announced that there is going to be a major boost in […]

No More Page Rank Says Google!

Google is officially announcing the interment and burial service of our dearly beloved external PageRank. This in a simple language is to imply that the PageRank scores as now seen on your Google’s toolbar will no longer be there in days away. While Google maintained that it will continue its use of the PageRank internally, […]

Who Else Noticed The Changes In Google Ads

Google of recent made some changes to their ads. These changes include more ads and more noticeably the way those ads now appear. There are now more top ads; more bottom ads; no side ads. You noticed?  I noticed, probably or probably not you noticed too, anyone else who noticed the changes in Google ads? […]

Look Who Got Google’s Hammer This Time & Why!

Ever had your site flagged by Google on the least? Remember how you became their putty in the few minutes you received the message in your mail box or wherever you received it.I for one had received some sort of warning from them before. And it all went down at the first warning. Then I […]

The 5 Wonders SEO Can Perform For Your Business

Anytime talks about search engine optimization pops up, anywhere and everywhere, it has often being noticed that different meanings erupts alongside – from different sources, so chiefly the reason why we can always escape tautology . But be it as it may, a consensus reached by search engine marketers having done good, thorough and repeated […]

Google paid Apple a Whooping $1 billion for…

Hey! A billion dollars is a whole lot of money; a lot of us (I inclusive) may only have this sum in fantasy. Even to know that should we have like sum or something slightly higher, $1 billion off will only leave us with a residual of little or none. But Google just paid this […]