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Google Analytics Rolls Out iOS Traffic By Model, Explains How To Track Traffic!

For years, Mobile > Devices report lumped all iOS traffic together under either the “Apple iPhone” or “Apple iPad” labels. This is because, traditionally, iOS user agents didn’t indicate a specific device model.

Earlier this week it was noticed that the Mobile > Devices report was listing specific iPhone and iPad models in addition to the normal and unspecific “Apple iPhone” and “Apple iPad” list items. This is being noticed across every website accessed through Google Analytics, and the same can be observed of iOS traffic being broken out.

Google explains “Apple iPhone” line item counts traffic that Google knows is from an iPhone, but doesn’t know the exact model. So, to get your total iPhone traffic, you’ll need to add “Apple iPhone” and all of the rows that include a specific iPhone model.

However, Google says that the device and model are available for only a very small amount of iOS traffic, and more so when tracked from in-app browsers.

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