Google Launches Motion Stills, a looping Image Tool

The latest coming from tech giant Google is Motion Stills. Motion Stills is a photo app. It can turn Apple Live Photos into cool animations. Basically, how it works is that having captured a live photo (which could be a short video) on your iPhone, Motion Stills will create a smooth loop while separating the background from the foreground.

As against the results obtained of Instagram’s Boomerang looping image tool, Motion Stills is a whole lot more interesting. This app can generate GIFs or even movie montages from the shots. Creations can also be shared on social networks.

Motion Stills according to Google utilizes image stabilization technology that helps create animations from photo bursts. The catch is that it does this straight from the mobile device, without having to rely on data centers in the cloud.

But to be noted is the fact that Motion Stills is an experiment; with acceptability, it could be integrated into other products like Google Photos. Motion Stills is a free mobile app that can be downloaded from App Stores.

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