Google paid Apple a Whooping $1 billion for…

Hey! A billion dollars is a whole lot of money; a lot of us (I inclusive) may only have this sum in fantasy. Even to know that should we have like sum or something slightly higher, $1 billion off will only leave us with a residual of little or none. But Google just paid this sum! You be like ‘well it’sGoogle. Or you asked, why? To who? For what? Actually, that’s the question anybody should be asking upon hearing news like this. Shocker or bit of a surprise: Google paid for rivalry.

Report from Bloomberg, adduced by court documents and Oracle’s copyright suit against Google, affirms that Google paid Apple a sum of a Billion dollars for the rivalry backdated 2014. Though neither of the duos wants to offer their words on the financial terms contained in court documents, it remains; money was paid and received.

In the Oracle trial document, 34% was the revenue share between both – Google and Apple, although not explicitly expressed who received the 34%.

But someone might then be thinking – or askinghow then do I conclude Apple received such sum? I know you like proof and that’s cool. Well,2015 Goldman Sachs report estimated Google’s revenue in sum of $12 billion. Going by this estimation, and the 34% revenue sharing formula, Apple must have received $1 billion from Google.

And the Rivalry part… go figure. But just a snippet: Google is using the Safari default search engine – and it has never been free.

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