Google To Update Its Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Mobilegeddon was originally launched to have a significant impact on mobile results. But seeing it isn’t having such impact, should it then be the reason why Google is trying to roll out this new update?

Sequel to its launch in April 2015, Google has announced that there is going to be a major boost in its mobile-friendly algorithm and is to take effect from May 2016. Google made this announcement on its webmaster blog.

As gathered from Google, the update will be rolling out in May and it is to consolidate on the effect of mobile-friendly ranking signal. Google added still that those who are already mobile friendly need not to worry as they will not be impacted by the update.

A similar to last year’s panda roll out, this update will evolve slowly and gradually, thus, a major drop-off on non-mobile websites that were supposed to announce the new development may not be noticeable.

One reason that may be adduced to such snail-like roll out is that the algorithm is a page-by-page signal that will require Google assessing each page. Now that will be time consuming. The impact of this process will, however, be dependent on how quickly Google is able to crawl and index the pages on a website.

But probably you are not mobile-friendly, and you long to be one, or maybe you are not even sure if you are or you are not, kindly access Google mobile friendly tool to ascertain.

As this new update is being anticipated, it is only hoped that its arrival will have the most impact on mobile results.

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