“Family, Friends, Food and Fun!!” – Our Office Christmas Party

Merry Christmas everyone!! We are inviting you to join us and be part of a very special evening. The theme this year, for us, embodies the very essence of Christmas.

Family is very important to all of us and we would really like you to bring your loved ones. Family means different things to different people and can include anyone — mother, father, brother, sister, aunt(s), uncle(s), cousin(s), spouse, children, and friends and acquaintances. Whomever you decide to bring, we would love to meet them.

Friends are also invited as they form an integral part of our lives. We all have best friends or a special friend who has always been there for us. So please ask them to come.

As food plays a vital role in bringing people together, we have arranged a feast for you!  Delicious cakes, canapés and a variety of festive treats, all form part of the menu. The arrangements accommodate the needs and preferences everyone — children, teens, adults and the elderly.

Fun is the best part! We have decorated the Office so that once you enter you will feel as if you have stepped into a fairytale. We have created a warm and welcoming ambiance to encourage mingling and good conversation. Arrangements for music and a DJ have been made. For children, in particular, we have prepared a number of games and entertainment including a magic show and a quiz. Games for adults have also been organized.

So come and enjoy an unforgettable and extraordinary evening!

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