Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager, the new tool in the house to makes your lives easier

It’s time for all the agencies out there to try their hands on GTM (Google Tag Manager) which at first seems like a very tedious and difficult tool, however, makes your life far simpler in the later stages.


It is important to know what the default Google Tag Manager should contain. For people, who are very involved with SEO, GTM is going to be a boon for you and will offer you a lot.

However, the new version is a very refined and better form. So you can leave this stigma of GTM and use it as a whole new tool.

Tag manager container

However, there are a few things which need to be included as a default in your GTM for proper usage:

  1. Correct Tags: The default tags should be the conversion linker, which helps different conversations with safari. Though this tag is used as a defaulter, as a user one just needs to add the conversion link to avoid a lot of restrictions with safari.
  2. Tracking of events: If you are someone who is even a little familiar with custom dimensions and metrics, then this part will be very easy for you. If not, we just advise you to start with the event section and you will master it very soon.
  3. Scroll Tracking: Now it is easy to track when visitors scroll down with GTM. You can launch an event on even 50% or 65% of their way down.

Hence, once you have your hands on GTM, it is going to acts as a life saviour for you. 

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