5 Major SEO Tips For Shopify Ecommerce Store

5 Major SEO Tips For Shopify Ecommerce Store

After WordPress Commerce Platform, Shopify is the most recommended e-commerce platforms used by online sellers to set up their online retail businesses. It makes things quick and simple, but there are lots of SEO stuffs to be performed on Shopify Store unlike any other normal static website.

Why Do Business Owner Choose Shopify Store?

  • Easy Backend Administration
  • It has already lots of built in tools
  • Its an advanced Ecommerce Platform, with lots of SEO features
  • It is flexible & can be tailored as per your requirement.

E-commerce SEO, can be little bit tricky as compared to optimizing other normal business websites. You need to pay attention to site structure to structured data.

Leveraging essential SEO elements enhances the likelihood of your store getting traffic and sales to your website from search engines.

Some major SEO Tips that needs to be covered for modernizing your Shopify Store:

  • Optimize All Your Images
  • Link Your Product Pages From Your Home Page
  • Pay Attention & Fix Duplicate Content Issue
  • Fix Technical SEO Problems
  • Set Up 301 Redirections For Old Product Pages
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Console Integration
  • SEO Tags –Title, Descriptions
  • Build High Quality BackLinks To The Website

Implement these SEO Tips on your shopify store & try staying ahead of competition. You will most probable see increase in traffic as well.

Krishna Shekhar – CEO & Founder , Krish Marketing, An Expert in SEO & Digital Marketing. You can follow Krishna Shekhar on Twitter Or Instagram Or Linkedin

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