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A Case Study of Link Building with The Help of Competitive Linking Tactics and Brand Mentions

Wish to succeed in building links like an expert for your brand new website? Listed below are few event process done by us, that would help you get through it.

The situation

Launched in the year of March 2017 for a period of six months, the campaign became quite a success. The website then was around five months old possess something around 15 crore pages when the campaign lifted its curtains. The brand had dramatically turned to offline marketing and was quite an amateur in the domain of SEO and digital marketing but was desperate to grow organic traffic for its website as a whole.

The Campaign

Post being launched, the campaign was all set to run for a time-span of a trial period of three months, and introduce a blog launch but, it turned out to be a failure. The blog failed to launch years after the start of the campaign.

The mishap made way for an adjustment in the strategy of link-building towards the tactics that they relied on link-worthy and fresh content.

One of the best tactics:

Tactic-1 Mention One Links

While the company was an amateur in the field of digital marketing, it had a reputable brand with the help of its online struggles. This offered the benefit of to take unlinked mentions.

It is with these mentions of the brand, that the company earns links for their home page, besides appropriate pages that are geo-specified when perfect.As per research, additional links were created through the given below

  • Employee Quotes
  • Interviews
  • Charity Events
  • Business Announcements
  • Newsworthy Partnerships

The company possessed a brand that was strong and it also worked within a niche mostly talked about in the news. This developed a good environment for unlinked mentions.

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