A Major Redesigning has been received by the Homepage of Google

Tim Capper’s Checklist of Local SEO

In collaboration with Tim Capper, a guide is made by the SEM rush team. This guide describes all the steps with vivid details, about the method of how to get into the Local Park and grab the top positions. This guide is a real help to all the specialists of local SEO out there. So, on the homepage of Google, on the mobile devices, you will be able to see a lot more than a mere search bar like previous.

About the Redesigning:-

The most significant redesigning in the recent years has been done to the latest mobile version of Google.com. It has been redesigned in such a manner that the Google Search App and this mobile version of Google look almost similar to each other. Just below the search bar, you will find the Google Discover which was formerly known as Google feed. Here, in this section, only that content is featured that has been specially curated as per the personal interests of the user of the device. The recommendations of content upon which Google work is always based on the Google Account’s data, accessed by the user. This data consists of the user’s web activity, the history of the location of the user, the detailed information of the device from which it is being accessed and the settings of the location of the device. So, the recommendations and therefore the content varies according to different users.


At a glance, you won’t be able to decipher it from the original mobile app. But in reality, there are a number of unique features possessed by Google Discover, found in the mobile browsers. Some of these features are-

• Among all these features, the most amazing and noticeable unique feature is undoubtedly the topic header. This topic header is seen above the stories. This is for all those users who want to view and now more content about any specific topic. They just need to tap on this bar. The users also select ‘follow’ for all those topics in which they have some special interest.

• Another interesting and new feature is a button that can be found on each story’s bottom right corner. This button lets the users decide if they are interested in that type of story any more or want to see such stories less.

The news about these are changes being made and that they were on their way was officially announced by Google in the last month. At present, this is available only in the US. Maybe a wider rollout is on its way. But it won’t be right to assume such things beforehand as Google has not yet announced any information about when and where this may get available.

Following these steps, people who still prefer the design and look of the former old homepage can disable the Google Discover-

• First, on a mobile browser visit the site’ Google.com’.
• Then click on the menu icon, styled as three-dash.
• Then click on ‘settings’.
• After that, click on ‘discover’.
• Lastly, select the option ‘don’t show on homepage’.

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