Advanced Search Engine Features On Google

Advanced Search Engine Features On Google

We all know the mobile-friendly google as we are observing over the years. Now it is the quick time to move the advanced features to desktop too. It is a trending move to take the users from the search engine to the exact link with highlighting the searched content. Go through this newly added feature through desktop search. Google Chrome is preferable in a desktop to view this feature.

Why Should We Prefer this?

With this kind of action, searchers will get hassle-free content promptly by skipping down additional ads. You can quickly go to the relevant content. Search engine optimization with the new feature to track the searches in Google Chrome should get more preference to get positive results.

Standardization Of Policies

Right now, Google is stepping ahead to divide and standardize the content policies in two modules. The first one is the publisher policies which will outline some contents, not possibly monetized. And the second one is publisher restrictions, which means that only the materials obeying the publisher guidelines should get placed. This additional feature is ready to launch in September to attract the publisher in a more user-friendly way.

Mobile Indexing By Search Console

If you check Google settings, it will show the Googlebot information i.e., which type of indexing it will show. It may be desktop indexing or smartphone indexing. In the smartphone, one more additional feature is waiting for you. In there you will get to know about the exact date when you crawled from the desktop into the smartphone.

Have more features in your palm. Just have a look at the Google Search Engine.

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