AI features enhance smart selling at the improved marketplace on Facebook

Facebook has always merged other companies in, be it WhatsApp or Instagram. But Facebook has also rapidly improved its user interface like never before, every year. A few years back, in the beta version of the app, there came a new icon named Marketplace. Marketplace provides a platform all over the Facebook audience for buying and selling products or services.

With the success of the feature, Facebook successfully brought it globally and ever since then there is no look back. With a recent update, Facebook has included Artificial Intelligence integrated features. The Marketplace keeps on improving like any real market. The varieties are a lot to choose from and even the buyers and sellers are proven authenticity. So there are very fewer chances of fraud.

For customer satisfaction, buyers can also rate every seller they have made a purchase from. And also the seller can rate their respective buyers. In just two years, Facebook Marketplace has evolved into a really stable buying-selling platform all across the Facebook audience.

With the help of AI features, the buying and selling happen a lot quicker now on Facebook Marketplace. After uploading the product’s photo, provided with a description, Marketplace will show a price range on what other similar products are being sold. It helps the sellers immensely to set their prices fine also the AI makes sure the product gets sold at its best price.

As it is seen, as always, Facebook has successfully set a virtual market on its own platform which is helping both, the buyers and sellers to sell and shop.

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