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All You Need To Know About Duplicate GMB Listings

Before beginning, find out if the listing is verified. If it is, there is nothing to do until you have it unverified. Next, you need to know if the unverified duplicate has the identical address as the verified listing. Contact GMB support to merge the two listings in that case. If they aren’t same, see if the business was ever at that address. If the duplicate is unverified, it can be removed from Maps because service area businesses are precluded from it. GMB permits them, but those listings follow rules of Google Maps. 

Public-facing professionals may have their own listings unless they are the only professionals at the office they work for. Solo practitioners are supposed to have one listing. If there is a situation where both the practice and practitioner have listings, GMB can merge them so that it combines their ranking strength.

For businesses having multiple practitioners, listings cannot be deleted or merged provided the practitioner still works there. If they don’t, you may contact GMB so that they move it to your practice listing. Getting them to move the address to your office listing and not the practitioner’s workplace is extremely essential.

Listings of employees who are not public-facing shouldn’t be present on Maps and can be removed.

Disposing of listings of deceased practitioners is similar to disposing of the practitioners who no longer work there, except you should tell GMB support that they are deceased; and by including a link to their obituary online can confirm it.

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