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Google BERT Update – Know About It!

One of the biggest update in Google’s algorithm which is affecting one in the ten search queries!  With the Google BERT Update, Google aims to improve the interpretation of complex long-tail search queries & display more relevant search result. Google has improved its ability to understand the semantic context of search term using natural language […]

New video series on Google Search Console Training!

Daniel Waisberg, Search Advocate At Google going to start a new video series on Google Search Console Training. This search console training series is to help you with:- Optimize your search appearances Increase your organic traffic Get your site found on Google The series covers everything from the basics, such as getting started, verifications, reports […]

Google Chrome announces plan to label slow websites

Google has announced its plan to identify and label websites that typically load slowly by way of clear badging in Chrome. Google Team posts a blog “Badging is intended to identify when sites are authored in a way that makes them slow generally, looking at historical load latencies. Further along, we may expand this to include identifying when a page is likely to be slow for a […]

Geographic Target Setting in Google Search Console – Does it prevent your site from being shown to other countries?

Webmaster Trends Analyst At Google, John Mueller recaps us that setting geographic target in Google Search Console will not stop getting traffic to the website from the audiences outside your targeted regions. Setting the geographic location helps Google to identify relevancy to your audiences from specific regions but will not prevent it from being shown […]

Digital Marketing Trends, Today!

What is Trending now in Digital Marketing As computerized patterns advance each year, advertisers ought to consistently know about the adjustments so as to effectively adjust with developing advances and remain ahead in the market. This will enable them to increase a focused edge and become ready to grow better approaches to develop their organizations, […]

Google’s New Updated Algorithm for useful Information

Google made some modifications in its extensively used search engine. In late February of 2019, a new update of the search algorithm was launched by Google.    It was announced by Pandu Nayak, the Vice President of Search in Google. Along with it, some newly modified features were also introduced in front of the people.   Up-to-Date Fresh […]

Google My Business – A Necessity of Local Business Structures

Several users, while buying something online, always keep in hand multiple certain preferences. The most convenient and beneficial option is definitely chosen by users. Well, that’s basic common sense. So, if you have a local business and you want to categorize your business at the top of the user’s preference list, then you just can’t avoid Google My Business.    […]

Google Guides for Update of Core Algorithm

Since the update of the core algorithm, the users were in certain technical complications. But soon after the update, Google successfully released a Guidance which helped the users to understand this core algorithmic update.   The guidance consists of a preamble which suggests that nothing is left to be fixed. If any analogy occurs in the search […]

Effect of SEO Trends in Digital Market

In recent times, the digital market has spread itself to a wider extent. Moving parallelly, the role of search engine optimization has also developed. SEO has a major contribution to the interaction of people with your website.    The most successful people of the digital market follow certain SEO trends through which they leave an impact in […]

Google Is Integrating The Search Console Contents

The latest revelation is all about outsourcing the data present in the search console to the third parties. If you have watched ‘The Google Webmasters’ channel on YouTube, then you should possess some brief concepts about the APIs in data integration. It is all about future planning and modification of web designing. Take A Look […]

Google To Remove Nonindexed Directives

With the everchanging need and requirements, Google understands what to do next. Unsupported rules won’t get any support in the robotic protocols. It is time to enhance the open source with potential regulations. Various states need some attention for providing an error-free well-indexed directive. What are the next options? The following methods are recommended to […]

AI features enhance smart selling at the improved marketplace on Facebook

Facebook has always merged other companies in, be it WhatsApp or Instagram. But Facebook has also rapidly improved its user interface like never before, every year. A few years back, in the beta version of the app, there came a new icon named Marketplace. Marketplace provides a platform all over the Facebook audience for buying […]

The announcement of Cards, Discovery Tools, Revamped Image Search at 20th Anniversary Event of Google

The announcement of Cards, Discovery Tools, Revamped Image Search at 20th Anniversary Event of Google On its 20th anniversary, Google surprisingly announced some new features in the Search. Out of these features, some of them are totally new; some are developed from the existing old features while some are adapted from competing products. Ben Gomes […]

Upcoming Updates for Image Search on Mobile by Google on 27th September

According to Google’s Danny Sullivan, “Google Images is improving computer vision to bring more organization to content, in particular, AI-powered Stories about people that will be coming”. Within image search in mobile, Google will soon be featuring AMP Stories. These stories are generally created by the publishers but later on, Google itself can construct such […]

Clarify Your Content Marketing: – Go Wide and Deep

Difference between Wide and Deep Content: Wide content:  Primarily focuses on a broad topic. It has a large target audience and offers opportunities for further research and minute details. Deep content:  Writes about a narrower topic and tries to delve deep into the specific details of any niche Advantages of a Wide Content: Appeals to […]

Instagram Has Rolled Out Brand New Tricks, Including GIF’s and Text-Only Stories Screen

Instagram happens to be a new-favorite amongst teens and is one of the most-preferred social-media apps to post all the latest happenings of your life through photographs and quotes. But as Instagram keeps adding pressure on its peer-competitors like Snapchat, the app, now owned by Facebook does something new every day to get remain easily […]