15 SEO Link Building That Would Actually Work in 2020!

Link building is one of the major foundation pillars of search engine optimization. The search engines are persistently refining the algorithms to deliver better and efficient customer service. This process of tweaking the algorithms helps to provide relevant search results to the consumer. The customers always want high-quality links for their search. If you are planning to create a proper SEO campaign, then you have to understand the need and relevance of link building.

What is Link Building?

The link building helps to generate a huge library of links on several other websites that will directly point back to your website. In other words, it is a simple process through which one gets to enter your website simply by clicking on the links provided on other websites. Almost every business owner is now interested in the link building as it not only helps to enhance the site’s authenticity but also drives the referral traffic.

When the search engines creep into the internet to create the search results, it looks carefully at all the links that are between your site and the other websites and also between all the individual pages on your website. Though the search engine optimizer will certainly agree on the fact that it is very difficult to build a high quality portfolio of the links, yet, it is very crucial. The links can take decades to arrange themselves organically.

15 SEO Link Building Techniques

It is very important to know and follow some of the strategies that will help you to get the target customers to your website. More the links, higher will be the rankings. Therefore you must use the strategies to attract the correct set of customers and also get appropriate rankings.

The techniques are:

  1. Provide Testimonials

One of the best ways of link building is by providing testimonials to companies that need it. Some companies often ask for testimonials for their products. You can use this technique and by providing them with your valuable testimonials, you can easily back-link your website on their page. This will not only be beneficial for them but also for you. It is one of the most effective ways to create a quality link for the homepage


2. Locate The Competitors’ Backlinks

Most of your competitors spend a lot of money to develop the perfect link building strategies. This helps them to gain high-quality links. You will also find that many links of your competitors on the same sites. This helps them to get the desired customers. You can also compete with your competitors simply by back-linking your homepage on the same site. This will give a tough competition to your competitors. Analyzing the backlinks of your competitors will help you to explore the new opportunities waiting for your business


3. Get Backlinks

Often, friends, associates, relatives have a blog or have a proper website. You can simply ask them to backlink to your page. Backlinks will help the customers to reach your page easily from the other pages. Please keep a note that the pages in which you have back-linked your page must have similar content. In other words, you must check that the website in which you have back-linked your website should be of the same niche and provide relevant information on similar things.


4. List With Some Of The Most Used Online Directories

Selecting the correct online directory that not only provides the relevant information about your site to the target customers but also provides the backlinks to your website there. You must backlink in the directories that are active and has niche players in it. Listing your website with such online directories will enhance the chances of getting listed with the other search engines. This will surely help the customers to find your website easily and efficiently


5. Sponsor The Events Of The Real World

A lot of events take place all around the globe all the time. You need to select what kind of event you want to sponsor. It can be domestic or international. You can either host an event or sponsor it. When you host an event you have to create your event and advertise it on another party website that will contain the backlink to your website. On the contrary, if you sponsor an event, your host will link back to your page. You can easily utilize these events for effective and efficient build links. This is one of the best initiatives to create a good bond among the others in your industry


6. CrowdFunding Other Businesses

Crowdfunding is the latest strategy of link building that is unknown to many people. it helps the new businesses to raise money who in return will place a link for each business or person who has contributed. This process of link building is brilliant and very efficient. There are mainly two simple ways of acquiring the link i.e. the donor link and the package links. Both help a lot in link building in their way


7. Your Mentions Into Backlinks

You should find out all your brand or company services mentioned by your customers. You should check them and see if your customers are happy with their service or goods and they are supporting your brand or company. If your backlink is not mentioned there then you should add your backlink with the help of the webmaster. Now the question is how will you find the mentions and add you’re the link to your website. You just need to start a backlink profiler where you can just filter the result status to your mentions.


8. Find Opportunities For Relevant Link Buildings

You need to find the perfect places where you can add your backlink. You can add your backlink to some of the strongest sites or blogs where your site is worth mentioning. You need to find the relevant sites or blogs. To find out these sites you need to take the help of the SERP Research Tool. It will help you to sort out the relevant sites and filter them out according to your choice and mention your website


9. Know About Your Competitor’s New Link

You should always be aware of your competitor’s new link that they can introduce in new sites to attract the customers. If you are unaware this can take away the customers. So, you need to be fast and have your alert link which will help you keep an eye on your competitor’s new backlink and also to help you if there is any problem in your link. The information that you get you can use them for the future. The best part of having your alert link is that they will send you emails altering you about the new situations and new links added by your customers


10. Introduce Newsletters

Introducing newsletters is the best idea. If you can use the newsletter properly it will be very much advantageous for increasing backlinks. Publishing newsletters can help you gain the attention of your customers and your clients. You need to make interesting content in your newsletter which will not bore your clients or customers and you can share them. This will help you increase the trafficking of your website and help you grow more backlinks


12. Initiate A Scholarship Campaign

The government and education links are the most trustworthy and most visited links by the students. But it is very tough to get them. So, you can just introduce scholarships to the students and tell them to write about your product or give them a topic where your link can be mentioned and the best article will have the scholarship. This will help you to get introduced to the education platforms, the new students who can be your customers, and also you can add your backlinks in their article and publish them


13. Find Out Your Toughest Competitor’s Backlink

It is very important to know where your strongest competitor has mentioned their link. To increase your backlinks and also to know where they have mentioned. So, you can just use competitive link detox where you can differentiate your website with your other strong competitors. After you have got all the links, by various processes you can identify the links and their mentioned places


14. Build Links From companies Social Profiles

Social media has a huge impact in recent times, though social media is considered to provide little or no SEO benefit as there is no follows, yet, the social media backlinks can often turn out to be beneficial. Social media such as Facebook backlinks are valuable and easy to create.  It also helps to enhance your page rankings


15. Increase Infographics

You have to increase your Infographics; this will help you to grasp the attention of the people and the people can take in all the information. It is human physiology; people can catch visual representation easily and they can comprehend the information. So, you need to use every kind of writing that can help you captivate every type of customer in entering your website and increase your website traffic.

  1. Initiate Blogs

Writing has always influenced people and captivates them in reading it. So, you should start your blog. But just writing one blog and mentioning your backlink would not interest the people. You need to constantly write blogs and with the increase of your blogs, you can mention your backlinks and increase them. This will ensure that the people will enter your link again and again.

Link building has proven to be an effective way of expanding your business horizons. It helps in creating a good relationship with the other businesses. When you try to convince the other websites or blogs to link your website with them, you have to provide them with something useful for their websites too. This helps to create goodwill and helps to create a good relationship with others. It also helps to create a brand for your business.

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