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Can we really rely on the Google Search Console?

In the present world, only a few sources of data are relied upon by each and every search engine. There are some which are popular but not always the most favored one. One of those sources which are relied upon by almost all search engines in is the Google Search Console which was earlier known as the Google Webmaster Tools. Certain functions which are present in GSC cannot be done by any other sources. Some acts such as disavowing links can’t be successfully accomplished anywhere else which has made it favored by all. But one thing which might still pose a threat to this very popular tool is that it is untested. The trustworthiness of the information is still at stake and it needs to be verified if it is true or correct. So here we try and determine if data provided by the GSC is credible and trustworthy. So to find out the credibility we use two concepts mainly. These two concepts which are taken for this analysis are external validity as well as internal validity.

Internal validity defines whether all the information which Google has about any website is valid or not.

External validity defines whether the web is represented effectively by the data.

In this experiment, we try and evaluate the data provided by GSC from a number of perspectives. The perspectives need to be evaluated carefully to so that we can rely on GSC easily.

Some of these perspectives are Improvement of HTML program, Status of Index, Internal Links, Links to any Site, and Search Analytics.

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