Clarify Your Content Marketing: – Go Wide and Deep

Difference between Wide and Deep Content:

Wide content:  Primarily focuses on a broad topic. It has a large target audience and offers opportunities for further research and minute details.

Deep content:  Writes about a narrower topic and tries to delve deep into the specific details of any niche

Advantages of a Wide Content:

  • Appeals to the mass:   Owing to its generic nature, audience potential is one of the biggest advantages of a wide content. There are no limiting factors and this enables to enhance the influence and the potential value of your write-up.
  • The potential of unlimited topics: Wide content can be developed on a range of various topics.
  • Ease of writing:  It requires less research as you don’t have to venture deeply into any subject.

Deep content advantages:

  • Not much competition. Wide content generates bigger and more competition than deep content due to its higher quotient of approachability. Deep content has more chances of visibility due to less competition.
  • More trustable:  As it deals with details thus deep content is more trustable.
  • Highly relevance and retention:  It is more relevant and draws the attention of more people than wide content which due to its generic type does not attract a mass audience.
  • Use deep content to start. If you are new in this field you should begin with deep content to start as it offers lower competition.
  • Consider your competition.  Wide content is better in case you are dealing in a new genre which has no competition in the market.
  • Use wide content for publisher appeal. If you wish to become a guest author you should go for wide content.

A concoction of wide and deep content is better at times. Each has its own strengths and if rightfully used can earn you success.

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