DuckDuck Brings You Private Search In The Browser Extension And Mobile App

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo defines itself as ‘a search engine which doesn’t track you’. It keeps a promise of not using cookies for the purpose of following the users and later saying that it didn’t fetch any private information on those individuals who actually use them. Even the IP address is concealed.

How is it Bringing the Private Search in the Browser Extension and In Our Mobile App?

DuckDuckGo is recently bringing all the privacy based search capabilities to the mobile users, thus allowing them with private searches straight from the address bar.

DuckDuckGo which is trading on an average of 16 billion searches in the year of 2018 alone, has maintained its reputation of concealing the user’s private information and search history. Previously the privacy protection of DuckDuckGo was within the search bar of Thanks to the recent update to its browser extension and mobile app, users can now keep their privacy hidden whether they are searching for information or browsing.

What Else Does the New Update Feature?

The update on the browser extension and mobile app is featuring the built-in smarter encryption and tracker network blocking. This implies that the users wouldn’t be tracked anyhow, even by the advertisements that pop up on the sites.

The browser extension and mobile app will now feature a Privacy Grade rating from A to F when a visitor is viewing the site.The rating is based on the encryption availability, tracker networks, and practices of website privacy.

How Does Smarter Encryption Help?

Smarter encryption makes sure the browser extension, app or the app of DuckDuckGo would always return the page’s encrypted version when someone is available.

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