Facebook: Campaign Budget Optimization, No More Mandatory!

Facebook_ Campaign Budget Optimization, No More Mandatory!

After the Campaign Budget Optimization Budget introduced by Facebook in late 2019, September precisely; it has widely impacted on structuring ad campaigns in advertising campaigns & accounts.

Earlier the budget was distributed to Ad levels, and now Campaign Budget Optimization function in Facebook, stops the opportunity to create different (separate) budget for each display group. The budgets can now only be defined at the campaign level. It is up to Facebook to decide which display groups will receive what budget. The Ad Groups that are likely to get the best output get the biggest share of the complete campaign budget.

When this update came, it was mandatory step & advertisers can only set budget at campaign level, but now, Facebook has pulled back the Facebook Budget Optimization mandate. To provide advertisers with flexibility and choice in their buying strategies, Facebook has decided not to pursue a mandatory migration for Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) and use it as an option.

Facebook still believes Campaign Budget Optimization provided performance & value gains. With CBO, Facebook’s algorithm automatically optimizes budget allocation across the ads in the campaign.

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