Switching Into WordPress

Get More New Access Features By Switching Into WordPress

Blogging is a great feature to start. But when you get habituated in blogging, you will get to know about its limitations. Switching into WordPress is a nice thought to get to know about more powerful features.

Why WordPress?

Blogger is an excellent platform where anyone can create blogs in free by using Google account. But there are certain limitations we get to know in blogging.

On the other side, WordPress is an essential tool with the new features with complete ownership in your site. It will enhance your blog and grow more. ‘WordPress.org’ is the platform that powers almost one-third websites over the internet.

Starting Phase

Before you get into word pressing, you should have your blog. For this, you stick to create a proper domain name and web hosting. The extensive use of Bluehost makes it a suitable platform to host word pressing. After signing up into your new account, install WordPress in the host.

Next Steps

  • The following steps you need to follow for successful completion of WordPress switching.
  • Log in to the blogger dashboard. Go to settings>>other option. Go to the backup content tab and click.
  • After downloading the blog’s content in the XML file, you need to import it in the WordPress admin by clicking Tools>>import. Now import XML file and go ahead.
  • Set up Permalinks.
  • Start configuring WordPress.

It is a simple journey to WordPress, which is always easy to use. You will get new features as you are used to it. To get more information about WordPress, visit WP Beginner guidelines, and more advanced features.

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