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Get Your Blog On Top In Google Search

Creating a blog is easy, but get it indexed by google is real-time difficult. It will take some hard work and more time to get your blog approved by Google. In this blog, you will get a sharp idea about indexing your blog within a day.

Use Google Webmaster

‘Google Search Console’ will help you to gather some specific information about your newly created blog. Google will try to know some authentication before crawling your blog in top searches.

It is a good idea to visit webmaster tools twice a month to observe the popularity of your blog over time whether Google loves it or not.

Get The Popularity By Using Social Media

Nowadays, social media should be in your fingertip to get anything done quickly. The brand value and product evaluation will increase among the people if you post the blog link to Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hence it is worthful for every inch of success.

Create Sitemap

You don’t need to worry about the external features. Just follow the simple steps. Use WordPress plugin to create the sitemap, and then you will find it easier to be indexed in Google. The sitemap is the proper place where the URLs and posts are available.

Promote Your Blog Through YouTube Video

It is an interesting fact that Google has an integrating service to YouTube. They enhance user engagement will help you to get into good rankings, and to add YouTube videos on the channel as well as on the website will help you too.

Once you complete the steps, wait for 24 hours or some days to see your blog indexed.

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