Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google Begins Roll Out of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google’s stride on the content side towards creating mobile-friendly and engaging experiences isn’t what is unknown to digital marketers (or at least to those who have been following Google’s search engine updates). There have been several updates to this effect and now, Google is rolling out the Accelerated Mobile Pages.

AMP pages are been said to load and open faster than conventional web pages. It is, for this reason, Google references them in search results. Currently, there are over 600 million AMP-enabled documents. Companies like WordPress, Shopify, Bing, Reddit have also keyed into this new one from Google. This is confirming users response to this new update.

Commenting on the new update whose roll out is due to be completed by the end of the year, Rudy Galfi, Google lead product manager for AMP, while announcing the update stressed that AMP would be moving beyond top stories into the main organic search results but that this should not be confused with change in rankings as there won’t be any special boost in traffic result.

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