Google BERT Update – Know About It!

One of the biggest update in Google’s algorithm which is affecting one in the ten search queries!  With the Google BERT Update, Google aims to improve the interpretation of complex long-tail search queries & display more relevant search result. Google has improved its ability to understand the semantic context of search term using natural language processing.

Google’s BERT Update went LIVE on 24th October 2019. This update has been rolled out for calculating US search results on, but in other countries; this BERT update has not been activated yet for organic search result.  The rollout of the BERT Update is happening differently for Featured Snippets, which appear above the organic search results at so-called position zero, and include a text, table or list.

BERT,’ stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and refers to an algorithm model that is based on neural networks. With the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine systems attempt to interpret the complexity of human language. 

Google uses BERT to try to better understand the context of a search query, and to more accurately interpret the meaning of the individual words. This breakthrough is built on mathematical models called Transformers: These analyze a word in relation to all the other words in the sentence – or in the case of Google search the search query – and do not simply look at the meaning of words in isolation. This is particularly useful when interpreting the meaning of prepositions and the position of individual words within a search query.

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