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Google Guides for Update of Core Algorithm

Since the update of the core algorithm, the users were in certain technical complications. But soon after the update, Google successfully released a Guidance which helped the users to understand this core algorithmic update.  

The guidance consists of a preamble which suggests that nothing is left to be fixed. If any analogy occurs in the search results, the Guidance lists out four areas in which you should focus on.  

Actionable Areas to be Focused  

If you are a web publisher, then you are provided four types of questions. These are the questions which you are asked for your content to ensure whether it is good enough for Google’s search or not.   

The question areas which Danny Sullivan developed for the web publishers are:  

  1. Questions on quality and content. 
  2. Questions on Production and Presentation. 
  3. Proficiency questions. 
  4. Comparative questions.  

Danny Sullivan also asks for a third-party review to give honest feedback.  

Questions on Quality and Content  

You are given eight particular areas to analyze. This part cautions you against certain click bait headlines. You are asked to stay original as well as comprehensive with your content.   

Questions on Production and Presentation  

This particular section questions about the presentation, style and interrogates against sloppy appearance. This part enquires you about a website’s display on your mobile. Once it is ensured that the website is mobile-friendly, then there exists no point of advice there.  

Sometimes, the thorough reading of an article becomes harder in mobile due to certain fonts and paragraph orientations. So, just make sure that your content is mobile friendly and easily readable.  

Proficiency Questions  

This part probably enquires you about the expertise of the author and the content. It prevents you from concealing the achievements and qualifications of the author.   

Comparative Questions  

Nowadays, we’ve developed a habit of comparing our own content on different websites. Eventually, this section questions you about comparing the quality of your page against other relevant pages.  


These are certain guidelines which Google launched regarding the update of the core algorithm. For deeper insights, you can also read the full guidance which is available on Google’s website. 

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