Google Has Released The Early Version of The Latest Chromecast

Since Chromecast 2 of over a year ago, Google has literally stepped aside to allow users connect with the amazing features that accompanied the gadget. Weeks back, Google announced there will be a newer version of the firmware.


In anticipation, Google is giving users the option to test the Preview Program features of the new version of the Chromecast prior to its being released officially.


Google authoritatively confirmed that this is not some sort of a beta mode update. Any feature as contained in this prep version of the firmware will certainly feature in the production version.


Users are starting to access this service by going to the settings of Google cast app on their devices where they were able to update and select the Program Preview features of the latest update of Google Chromecast.


By the way, Chromecast is an add-on for Google Chrome browser, which allows owners to share screen fun with their television. This means wirelessly, videos, photos, apps can, in fact, be enjoyed on a TV screen.

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