Google is Planning to Re-Enter China with the Search App That Has Been Approved by Government

Google is the most used search engine across the world but it has exited from Chinese company years ago due to a mishap. Now Google is again trying to get into China and it is ready to revise its policies according to the norms of the Chinese government. As China is the largest market for internet in the world, it is not easy for Google to resist themselves from entering the country. So they are trying to pull all the chords that they can to enter China and provide their services there.

Google has been in discussion with the Chinese government about re-entering the country with their new searching app. Google exited the Chinese market in the year 2010 due to the hacking of Gmail accounts. The company offered to remove the keywords and any topics that are sensitive to the Chinese government. Usually the search engines in China filter out the websites that are not according to their country’s norms and even announce about them in the first page of the search itself.

Google is also planning to do the same with their search app. The discussions are going on and there are great chances that the Chinese government will accept it. The entire discussion has been limited to the top executives of company and the Chinese officials and is kept with utmost confidentiality.
Both the company and officials are not willing to share the details about this deal with the media.

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