Google Page Speed Version 5 – New Update Is Powered By Lighthouse

It is extremely important to give your website’s viewers an ultimate experience of surfing. A good experience on your website will not only enhance the user experience, but that will also make the impression and goodwill amongst the patrons. Google has come up with its first biggest update with the version 5 of PageSpeed update. What made it even better is the real user data from the Chrome browser to measure page speed of a site. The new update is powered by Lighthouse, a speed tool from Google again, which can analyze the incorporate field data provided by the Chrome user experience.

The PageSpeed Insights API uses Lighthouse as the latest engine to enhance the user experience better than ever. Version 5 will now contain CrUX data and all the Lighthouse audits, and the previous version will depreciate in six months.

This version comes with First Contentful Paint and First Input Delay, also Lighthouse analyzes the current page of an emulated mobile and plots metric from a tool with FCP, FMP, first CPU idle and so more in Lab data. Opportunity shows you ways to improve the performance of any specific page referring to the issues and depending on how much they are affecting your page to get slowed down.

Diagnostic gives you a detailed report of the performance of your application like Catches, payloads, JavaScript and much much more. The audit report shows the various audits like Minify JavaScript, CSS and much more.
Google PageSpeed’s version 5 helps you a lot to increase your page’s performance and give your users an ultimate experience, as Lighthouse made it possible.

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