Google Pushes A Core Ranking Algorithm Update Over Weekend!

Did you notice fluctuations or changes in rankings for your websites?

Google has confirmed that what webmasters were seeing over the weekend was not the Penguin update we are expecting, but rather a core ranking algorithm update.

Zineb Ait Bahajji from Google, broke this news on 12th January; posted in French; which basically means “That means there was no name [for the update]. It is simply one of frequent quality updates.”


Gary Illyes confirmed and posted:-


John Mueller from Google posted:-


Google rarely confirms any core ranking changes. They confirmed few updates in past, but it rare that they confirmed these. So, it is a big thing for Google to go on twitter and interact with webmasters about the core update.

Webmasters have been waiting for Penguin Updates that is most likely to happen this month. So, it is likely for SEOs and webmaster to assume that this one was a much awaited Penguin Update. But the signs did not lead us anywhere to Penguin and was more like core ranking update OR somewhat Panda related. But now, as Google has itself confirmed that it was core search algorithm!

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