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Google Search Results Page: Google Shows Answer Sans Any Search Results?

You would be surprised to learn that Google is displaying answers in the search results sans exhibiting any kind of ads, organic listings or anything but solely the answer. It was Yehoshua Coren who posted a screenshot on Twitter, of himself reaching out to Google and Google returning back the answer followed by a button to display search results.

Google’s Danny Sullivan has reportedly confirmed it and took to Twitter to say that this particular thing works for searches that include unit converter, calculator and local time. Google has responded on this matter stating that they are basically experimenting with a condensed view to accelerate the load time. It further stated that searches “barely use the full search results”, for these query types and if they wish, they can press on the ‘show all results’ button

What Was Danny Sullivan’s Response to This?

‘For a calculator, unit converter and local time, we’re experimenting with a condensed view to further speed up load time. People who search for these tools rarely use full search results, but the results will remain available for those who want them via the “Show all results” button.’

People had tried replicating the same for other queries related to answer-box like; ‘Who is the President’ or ‘How Old is Obama’ or even ‘rangers game score, etc but they failed to spark this for anything besides ‘what time is it…’ related question.

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