Google Updates Drive With New Cool Features

Google is at it again. This time, they are making sure that those features you love about some particular Google services are not missing in the other. As one way, Google is constantly introducing new tools that will allow customers to do more, one of which is the introduction of new cool features into the Google Drive.

Of the new and improved features of the Google drive geared towards easier and faster access to files is the Natural Language Processing. This added feature allows users to personalize their searches on the web. Users could be like ‘get me all the files from last month’ and the specific search results will pop up in real time. It’s more like you’re typing the language your drive understand.

The autocorrect, being another great addition to the update, catches typos while suggesting corrections to misspelled search terms and queries. This usually means that the time often wasted on wrong search terms plus those ones wasted searching frantically for a document hidden within volumes of documents can actually be saved, and in different formats too, if that’s how you want it.

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