Google’s Broad Core Algorithm

Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update Examined

The giant search engine Google has come up with a core algorithm update last week. However, SEO constantly feels that Google targets low-quality sites. It did not aim to target low-quality websites, said Danny Sullivan. He further opined that to fix sites that do not get good ranks isn’t a bad idea. This opinion is further significant because it crushes the usual Phantom Update speculation. Google does not target low-quality signals.

What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update? Google’s algorithm updates take place almost every day and thus it does not speak much about such updates. However, Google has announced that this update is significant as it is one of those which happen several times a year. It desires to focus on issues on a broader scale than specific improvement related issues. Thus it is called Broad Core Algorithm Update. The aim is to provide better search results.

 Google’s opinion: Google commented that the plan is to focus on the content and it is not related to the quality issue in any way. It further opines that sites that lose ranks do not need to be worried as there is nothing wrong to lose in the race of ranks.

Google’s aim to provide an answer to the search query:  Google says that there is the difference when one targets low-quality websites and when one provides an answer to search queries. Google says it does the second, unlike the SEO’s opinion.

Google says it has launched 665 updates in 2012 alone. To understand user internet and to understand content is a part of Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update. The giant search engine is of the opinion that there is no way to fix low-quality sites. However, it advises the sites to focus on better quality contents and to answer people’s problem to gain better rankings.

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