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Google’s New Video on SEO Mythbusting

Google has come up with its new video series which is Known as SEO Mythbusting. This video series is to be launched on the official YouTube channels of Google. The video shows the different myths that are related to SEO and will aim to clear these misconceptions. Martin Splitt who is a member of the Google Webmaster Trends Team will be featured in this video series. Martin Splitt will be seen communicating with SEOs and developers to make sure that these myths are completely clarified.

What Does The Video Series Offer?

The video series showcases the common myths that are surrounded in SEO and prove that not all of them may be correct. A majority of these myths would be covered which would again be explained with the help of true facts. Google has taken a new angle to build this video so that it comes more attractive to the audience than its previous videos. There is also a communication between two people on of who will also be real SEOs who are experienced in their field.

This video series has been made like a talk show, where Martin Splitt talks to different experienced developer and SEOs who know real facts that could help in breaking all the myths associated with SEO.
Topics to Be Covered In the Video Series

There are certain topics that would be discussed in the various episodes of the video series. Some of these topics are as follows:

• JavaScript frameworks
• Communication between developers and SEOs
• Googlebot
• Apps
• Best SEO tactics etc.

The trailer for the video is out and the first episode is to arrive within the 3rd week of May.

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