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How Is Boost Post On FB Different From FB Ads?

Have you ever noticed the basic difference between running a news feed on Facebook and boosting a post?
Do you think that boosting a post comes up with the same result as news feed Ad on Facebook?
Can you consider a boosted post as another face of Facebook advertising?

However, it seems little confusing to understand the working area of these Facebook ads and thus you must go through some of the remarkable differences boosted Facebook posts and Facebook news feed ads. This will help in determining the right one to meet your marketing goals.

Let’s define Facebook news feed advertisements

If you want to run a targeted campaign to meet your goal then Facebook news feed ads are right to choose. The advertisements show up in the mobile or desktop news feed of the targeted audiences. Make sure that your goals involve:

  • Page likes
  • Website conversions
  • Event responses
  • Website clicks
  • Page post engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • And more

After choosing your goal you are allowed to start setting up your campaign which involves advanced targeting options such as gender, age, location, hobbies and much more.

Have you determined your targeted users? If yes, then now you are allowed to add your budget. You can entice your targeted audience with certain campaign types to act directly from your advertisement by involving a call to the action button. There are different calls to action buttons to choose from, depending on your goals. Such as Book Now, Get Directions and more.

Depending on the goal and campaign type Facebook news feed ads can take on many formats. But the common thing is that these contents are identified as sponsored content.

What Are Boosted Facebook posts?

Boosted Facebook posts are a different type of Facebook news feed Ad that allows the content to be taken in the form of Facebook page post in order to increase visibility and boost post engagement. Boosted Facebook posts also attract specific users via the Facebook newsfeed advertising platform.

The famous social networking site Facebook offers you the options to boost photos, status update, and videos and allow your Facebook page to appear higher on the news feed of your targeted Facebook users. This will make your post to be visited by a number of audiences until your budget runs out.  In the news feed, the boosted posts appear as the sponsored posts and can be found on Instagram.

There are a several Facebook owners who are familiar with such advertising as they are often requested to boost well-organizing content by Facebook when they logged in as a user. You are allowed to select a boost post directly from your page having a blue Boost button and else you can also choose a boost post from the Ad Manager of Facebook, offering deeper targeting and campaign abilities.

There are many companies, using the combination of boosted posts and Facebook news feed ads as this is the best way to gain the best of both the worlds.

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