How Often Does Google Update its Algorithm?

Google is the most popularly used search engine and constant improvement to enhance its search options. Updating it regularly also ensure that bugs are removed and the search engine works faster. Constant improvement of Google also needs it to improve its algorithms. So, if you are wondering about how many times does Google update its algorithm and how the updates help then here is a look at the very basic of the matter.

What are Google Algorithm Updates?

Every search engine works on algorithms and Google is no exception. Google algorithm updates are centred around keeping a check on the search engine showing quality content and result. The changes in the algorithms and the updates also help to keep bugs at bay and keeps the security of the search engine up to date as well. These algorithms are usually a set of complex programming and numerical which are invisible to the user’s eye but core to running the whole search engine. Let us have a look at the times this algorithm has been updated and the way it has helped.

How Does It Help?

Updating and making changes in algorithms is quite a time taking process. Also, while the update is on it is often not possible to shut the search engine down for long periods of time.

• Usually, small updates are done all throughout the day but big updates need time and almost every year quite a few big updates are done by Google.

• Counts have suggested that Google updates its algorithms almost 3000 times per annum. Some major updates have been done with a gap of a few months in between.

• The updates have not only resulted in making the search engine work faster and better but also have added many additional features to it. This has also improved the user experience for the users of Google.

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