Instagram Has Rolled Out Brand New Tricks, Including GIF’s and Text-Only Stories Screen

Instagram happens to be a new-favorite amongst teens and is one of the most-preferred social-media apps to post all the latest happenings of your life through photographs and quotes. But as Instagram keeps adding pressure on its peer-competitors like Snapchat, the app, now owned by Facebook does something new every day to get remain easily distinguishable amongst the viewers.

What’s the New Feature All About?

Instagram has happened to roll out a quirky new addition, to expand the possibilities of your activities inside the app. Firstly, they have added the option of text-only stories, which helps you to create a blank screen on which you can actually type your text. It’s quite basic and you have been doing this for quite a while now, ever since, the Stories option was first launched. But they have quirked up new fonts and text tricks to buoy things up and make things interesting for its users.

More About the New Instagram Update

Instagram now offers no background GIF from the Giphy to their Instagram Stories. It seems Giphy has teamed with Instagram to craft a unique search engine for a GiF’s library made to be overlaid with videos and photos.

The updates rolled out by Instagram might be small, but each of them combined gives a different experience to the Stories. The new GIF option, to begin with, can emerge to be quite famous, adding one more weight to their war against Snapchat.

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