Customer Persona Needs & satisfaction

Investigate the need of your customers in a hassle-free way now!

Understanding the customer’s needs:

In today’s current scenario, the customer is regarded as the king of the market. For every business, the primary target is to focus on customer satisfaction. With utmost competition, and more and more brands, websites, service companies coming up in the Indian market customers are becoming demanding day by day.  For the same purpose, we advise a very basic yet innovative technique.

It becomes very important to understand why the customer is visiting the website, what are his demands, needs and wants. The first question arises is to talk to your costumers. However, that is practically very difficult. Thank your stars, as we have come up with a very innovative way of communicating with your customers and that is “Online Survey”. This is a pop survey which gives you the luxury to pop up the message anytime while there is a visitor on the screen. This could be done either immediately one opens the website or after a few seconds.

Relevant questions to ask the visitors:

It is extremely important to ask relevant and open questions to ask visitors. The questions should be such that the visitors take out a few minutes and answer them. An advice is to put the answers in the form of multiple choices which makes it for the visitor to answer without penning down his own opinion.

After all the answers have been received, the last part is to categories all the answers properly and make a plan accordingly.

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