Link Building - Major Ranking Factor

Is Link Building, still a Google Ranking Factor?

Links are necessary to open any website. While working online each page and website has a unique link attached to it which assists us in finding the page and opening it. Links need to built as well. These links also have an effect on the Google ranking of a website. So, if you are wondering about how link building is related to Google ranking then here is a small peek at the matter.

What is Link Building?

People have a lot of queries and each query varies from one another at many levels. Both content of a page and link to that page is an important part of SEO. Link is usually built when hyperlinks are taken together and connected so that it makes it easier for your search engine to crawl the websites and the pages linked to your [website and content. Usually, quadratic calculations and the categories of different queries are used to see if link building still has an effect on Google ranking.

How Does it Affect Google Ranking?

There are innumerable factors affecting a page or a websites Google ranking these days. Link building is also one such factor but does it still have an enormous effect on the Google ranking of a website or a webpage?

  • Correlating with the help of Quadratic Mean Spearman Correlation helps us to understand the importance of link by taking into account the total number of links and Moz DA and Moz PA of the Linking URLs.
  • The quality of the link also affects its ranking when the search engine is crawling and showing search results. A page having a proper link build up will come up in the top results.

So, yes the link building is still an important factor in Google ranking.

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