Krish Marketing Team Pledges To “GO GREEN” This World Environment Day

Every year World Environment Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and efforts from a huge number of populations who believes that they belong to the earth. It is celebrated on the 5th of June every year and mostly youth participated in this event. In this day people take pledge to drop various things that are directly or indirectly effecting the environment whether it is by using plastic bags or by dumping non bio degradable waste or any other thing.

World Environment Day is celebrated to make us realize that we have only one earth and we should take care of it as if we lose it then we might not get another. In this occasion people plant trees and so we too will go green. We at Krish Marketing are always dedicated to this environment and are organizing an event where we are calling people of all ages to participate and plant one tree per person and witness the change. We are doing our part, not many; but an effective tree plantation campaign is a start for us.

It is our responsibility to take care of this beautiful earth that has given us many things that include green plants, fruits, vegetables, water, sky and what not. Without this earth our existence is nothing and at this point of time the existence of this planet is at stake. So, being a responsible citizen it is our sole responsibility to do our bit for the environment not only in this World Environment Day but also to take pledge and swear that we will always look after this earth as our own home and will take care of it.

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