Look Who Got Google’s Hammer This Time & Why!

Ever had your site flagged by Google on the least? Remember how you became their putty in the few minutes you received the message in your mail box or wherever you received it.I for one had received some sort of warning from them before. And it all went down at the first warning. Then I was sharing my blog posts from my wordpress hosted blog to my Google+ account – and that’s just about the reason I am receiving some very few words in my email; so few words than my eyes could ignore or my innocence could massage.

Apparently, Google is one company that doesn’t take shit. You’ll dare fuck with them at your own cost. Google again validated this when it announced that a Japanese link network is the latest recipient of its hammer.

Google claimed the link Network was into some stuff that’s conspicuously and flagrantly violating its Google webmaster Guidelines. More specifically, the link network went 360 round about trust that it was caught trying to trade links with no other motive than to be preference by search results (this is contrary to Google’s webmaster guideline of ‘avoid participating in link schemes’).

Now, you got your site or blog at present scheming such? Desist now. You’re into it already? Google is coming for your jugular. Lol

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