Measuring Conversions Or Not? Fundamentals In Marketing!

I am going to come to the point really. If you aren’t measuring conversions to your website, then you are doing a basic marketing flaw. It doesn’t matter if you work in a small or a big company, conversions are important for everyone.


You may be new to marketing or maybe you don’t have much experience, but you must watch some metrics daily to get more leads and conversions.


Some of the important conversion metrics that you should be following are:

  • Traffic Sources 

It is important for you to find out how you are getting traffic on the site. Traffic on the website can generally be of three categories:

  • Direct visitor – The ones who get to your website by typing your website url on the address bar of the browser
  • Search visitor – The ones who get to your website from Google or any other search engine
  • Referral visitor – The ones that visit your blog after seeing it referred to on another blog


  • New/Unique Visitor Conversion 

You have to separate your first timer visits from returning visits. This way you can determine what they do on your site to improve the overall experience


  • Return Visitor Conversion 

This checks how many people returned to visit your website. This helps you determine if someone did, why did they and if they didn’t then why didn’t they?


  • Interactions Per Visit 

It’s important to notice what the person did on your site when they were there. Which posts they visited, which menu they went. How much time did they spend per session


  • Bounce Rate 

Bounce rate is the calculation of how quickly people click away from your site without doing anything

All of the above metrics can be calculated using Google Analytics. Keep track of these metrics and you will be able to draw more visits to your site, which is why conversion measurement is important.


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