No Date For Penguin 4.0

With less than one month to the two year anniversary of Penguin 3.0, and as many await the launch of the latest Penguin update, Google, however, over the weekend, hinted that those waiting for Penguin 4.0 might have to wait even longer.

A search for Penguin 4.0 returns million of results. Sure some of those could be about genetically modified penguin but the majority of those search results will likely be due to the obsession with Google’s update.

Earlier Google’s Gary Illyes had hinted that there’s indeed a launch date for Penguin 4.0. But in a sharp twist days ago, John Mueller of Google, in response to a question a Twitter user asked him about the release date of Penguin 4.0; John replied thus: “we don’t have any dates to announce for that, sorry.”

Whether the announcement will be soon no one knows except the guys at Google. But it could just be said that the team from Google are working on the announcement for the Penguin update.

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