No More Page Rank Says Google!

Google is officially announcing the interment and burial service of our dearly beloved external PageRank. This in a simple language is to imply that the PageRank scores as now seen on your Google’s toolbar will no longer be there in days away.
While Google maintained that it will continue its use of the PageRank internally, it,however, affirmed that external PageRank scores will no longer be on display for web searchers and/or webmasters.

Now the External PageRank scores are what is seen in a toolbar PageRank when searches are conducted. As a sharp contrast, Internal PageRank scores are what Google uses as part of its ranking Algorithm. This score is not often on display as in the case of External PageRank scores.

PageRank is a system of ranking the importance of web pages in respect of searchers queries. PageRank will determine how a page will fare on search results — whether it will rank high (which is the aim of website owners), or otherwise. But it is now what has been declared completely removed by Google.

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