Performing SEO Audit for Beginners

SEO Audit

In this rapidly changing world, every business organization wants to be one step ahead of its competitors. It is always a question to wonder how can our site performance be improved because after all so much time and money and effort are involved. However, had we may try we might end up losing focus on one of the other factors. So, the solution to this basic problem is an SEO audit. Performing an SEO audit is necessary because it not only identifies the problem areas but also enables us to devise corrective action plans for improvement. So, let’s venture to a simple guide of what SEO audit is and how is SEO audit is performed.

Basics Of an SEO Audit

If we say in straightforward words, SEO auditing means a check and evaluation that whether your website is capable of coming in the search engine result pages (SERP). It evaluates that the search website is friendly for search in the number of areas to improve the performance of the website. The purpose of the SEO audit is to reveal technical SEO issues, on-page SEO issues, content gaps, website structure issues, potential off-site problems, competitive insights that affect the search performance of the website.

Importance Of SEO Audit

  1. Changes In Algorithms

    There are very sudden and quick changes in the SEO industry and algorithms change continuously for search engines like yahoo, google, and Bing to produce improved results. What is working today may fail to work tomorrow. So, you need to be adaptive to these changes and adjust SEO audits at least twice per year to ensure the latest developments.

  2. Guideline For Webmasters

    It is necessary to ensure that we stick to the authentic webmaster because common tools for search engines like google and Bing continuously change.

  3. Website Errors

    The SEO audits enable us to be sure that the website has no broken connections or error messages. This way all the mistakes will be exposed, we will be able to fix them and recover all the lost database.

  4. Titles and Metadata

    The first and the foremost thing visible to the viewers are titles till the search results are ready so it is necessary to add them which are backed and enabled with the help of SEO audit tools.

  5. Outdated Content

    Nobody likes outdated or old content rather the viewers are willing to look for blogs that have highly informative and fresh content. It is suggested that the content that is not even approached for six months should be deleted and flood upon the search engines with not only appropriate but also new material and give the readers a good reason to return.

  6. Online Presence

    SEO audit enables us to make our online presence look wonderful. This will help to identify where the changes need to be made and what all things need to be improvised.

Tools To Use for SEO Audit

  1. Google Search Console

    This tool is real and very effective and can be used free of cost to analyze the website. Best for SEO audit this tool provides us site error, page error, website traffic reports, search queries, mobile-friendliness.

  2. Google Analytics

    It is also a free tool and provides almost everything that a website needs for better performance. This free auditing tool gives a various range of ideas about the development and performance of the website.

  3. Woo Rank

    This is a tool that needs payment for usage apart from that it provides fourteen days free trial. This tool analyzes social media platforms and engagement like share, comments, etc. for better use.

  4. Alexa Site Audit

    This is a very popular SEO audit tool that provides on-the-page and off-the-page audit reports and enables us to know the errors. The report is easy to read and helps us to understand site performance.

  5. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

    This is also a free audit tool that helps us to analyze whether the site is mobile-friendly or not. It provides with the error and the solution to fix those errors.

  6. Semrush Site Audit

    This is a very effective tool that takes out the small / big errors of the website.



    How to perform SEO audit step by step

    1. Selection Of SEO Audit Tool

      The first and foremost thing in any work is the supply of raw material and similar to that section of SEO audit tool is the primary requirement without which it will not be possible to analyse the content. They can be selected based on the above discussion. Although several free tools can be used but paid are exceptionally great.

    2. Check Indexing and URL

      The website is to be checked by writing the name of the google site. If the site is not showing it means that it has not been indexed. It is very important to know whether the google site is indexing or not.

    3. Check Mobile-Friendliness

      Google mobile-friendliness test enables us to identify whether website is good or not. If errors occur then a report is generated.

    4. Check Off-Page

      Use a site audit tool to keep a check on back lining quality which helps to understand the performance of the off-page and area which needed to improve.

    5. Check On-Page

      Check the images and content on the website. To ensure less loading time reduce the size of the pages. Do various check programs like content plagiarism, a keywords research tool for keywords volume, meta description, relevant title, the header tag, etc. to analyse better on-page score.

    6. Trafficking and Social Media Connection Several tools provide the report of organic, in-organic social media traffic and keeps a track of it. The report helps us to determine where to focus and what to ignore.
    7. Technical Part

      To block or unblock any web page use robot.txt. to check the loading time of the website page loading tool can be used and mistakes can be identified and rectified. The structure of the website should be checked and updated. This will improve the overall performance of the website.

    Whatever work we do require analysis of performance to identify our week and strong points. No work is complete without an SEO audit. So, keeping in mind the above steps and discussion all the steps should be properly followed.

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