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Predictions about the local SEO market

Though it might be a bit early to predict, but we are trying to forecast some of the trends which might be taking over the local search engine development markets in the upcoming months. In this article we try to work into the future and help the local small businesses as well as the agencies involved in search marketing to prepare for the future. Some of the upcoming trends might be –

  1. Major change in the ranking method of SEO – Predictions suggest that the ranking method of the local SEO will undergo a rapid change. This might be caused due to the dissolution of the long used listing procedure which was done by third parties which were hard to control.
  2. There will be maturation of feature diversification– The local SEO industry will experience a rapid rate of diversification on the basis of features available which has been developing over last few years.
  3. There will be features which enable voice search on platforms such as Google and Amazon –There will lots of new features which will come up in the local SEO market among which the voice search would be the most popular. Voice search would be very important because it will determine most of the important features of the most popular web sites.
  4. There will be highly specific details regarding the local market–Google is planning to include more details about the local businesses present in the market. This information would be available from the customers in the form of unbiased survey or feedback forms.
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