We believe that in SEO, one solutions doesn’t fit for every niche and every project. Every company, every business and every industry is different and has different challenges and hence our SEO solutions will be different and unique in every aspect.

We Help You Get More Traffic To Your Website with Fully Managed & Advanced SEO Services

You can cut and stay ahead of your competition with a strongly build marketing strategy that is a mixture of good research, technical aspects of SEO, social media engagement, paid advertisements and over all online marketing solutions.

When we start working together, we go way beyond just typical SEO and website optimization. We work closely together with our clients to understand the business, its goals and on the basis, of which we strategize SEO goal, that leads to success of the campaign.

Our Enthusiastic Customers

“Krish and her team did an excellent job creating our PPC campaign.
We required campaigns for 2 ‘hero’ products and also for brand generic awareness.
Krish and the team designed and created the entire structure for the campaigns
and also all the ads/ad groups/and all associated keywords (including Negatives)/extensions/etc.
These were all excellently and logically structured and were all created quickly.
Krish is very professional and we would recommend her for all SEO and PPC campaign design and creation.”

Scott Nolan,
GlindaWand Cosmetics

How Does SEO Work?

Keyword Research

Make list of important, relevant topics based on what you know about your business.

Keywords are the base of any good SEO campaign. A wrong keyword can bring down an entire campaign. Right keywords give insights to your customers concerns.

Technical Optimization

Technical SEO for the optimized website structure

Good user experience defines a good website analysis & on page SEO optimization. So combination of SEO with good website design & providing users best experience on site is really important.

On Page SEO Optimization

Essential On Page SEO Factors That Might Affect Google’s Rankings

Analyzing all the On Page SEO elements on the website & implementing it like title, description, headers, sitemaps, and robots. Everything from On Page SEO to site’s navigation contributes to our end goal.

Off Page SEO Optimization

Off Page SEO – Techniques, Strategies & Link Building

Building back links from high domain authority & established websites remains a constant in good SEO. Effective back links will help contributing to your website rankings and driving quality traffic to your site.

Tracking, Monitoring & Updating

Monitor, & Measure the SEO Success

We identify all the relevant SEO metrics, traffic data & constantly refine our approach towards the on going campaign & ensure that we are targeting right audiences at the right time. We divert our strategies as & when needed.

Grow Your Business

With Our Professional SEO Services

Beat your competitors & Jump to the top of your industry with strong SEO strategy. Talk to our SEO Expert Today!

Krishna Shekhar

Krishna - Founder, CEO and Head of SEO

Google just doesn’t look at single keywords, they actually look for related search terms, sub topics and semantic relation with the primary keyword. It is better to expand your content, including meta tags and optimizing keywords clusters.

In mobile centric world, its very important that websites load quickly to keep the user stayed on the site. Slow loading time have negative impact on the conversion rates, bounce rate and over all sales / revenue generation.


Frequently asked questions about search engine optimization

How Do You Do Keywords Research?

Brainstorm main / head / seed keywords. These keywords are the base / foundation of the keywords research process.
Do not forget what your competitors rank for & then use keywords research tool to identify the keywords.

What are SEO Guidelines?

Make sure that the website is crawlable so that search engines can read the site. Write compelling content that can answer the searcher’s query. Optimize the website with the targeted keywords to attract visitors and search engines. Build fast loading speed website with excellent user experience.

What are good meta tags?

Meta tags are the HTML tags, that represents your page content to search engines & website readers.
Some good tips to write optimized meta tags are – keeping the title under 60 characters; Adding the words to the meta descriptions that displays what the content is all about.

Are sitemaps good for SEO?

A sitemap is essential for the SEO strategy, and SEO brings organic and motivated traffic and revenue to the website. Sitemaps are important to having search engines crawl & index the site so that the content within it, can be ranked on the search engine results.

What are the technical SEO factors?

Identify crawl errors & indexing issues
Check HTTPs status codes
Analyze the website loading speed & fix it
Ensure the site is mobile friendly
Identify broken links & fix it

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