Simple tricks to create an awesome URL

Each and every website has a unique URL. This URL sets it apart from all another website. To make it simple and easily understandable, every URL should have the following features –

Explain the Content – The more amount of details which you are able to add to your URL, the better it is for you. Lots of easily understood information on the URL then the user or the professional visiting your website would easily be able to make certain assumptions about your website on the first glance. This would happen even before they access your website. Many of the search engines use the URL to rank the website on the basis of the search results.

Short and Crisp – When an URL is shorter it becomes much easier for the user to access it. Easier URL makes it much easier to remember and use while copy pasting it, also while reading it on a smartphone and even can be remembered and written later. Thus a shorter URL makes it effective in accessing, using as well as branding of the website.

Understandable – There are many systems which still create complex and content loaded web pages using dynamic URL. Such URL contain many complex languages and symbols like ?, & as well as = which not only make it more complex to read but also make it less preferred as compared to easily readable websites when it comes to search engine results.

Labels rather than numbers – There are many websites which contain numbers in their URL. Such URLs are very common when it comes to web based retail shops and large & loaded blogs. To make it much more understandable and readable these numbers could be replaced by keywords, making it more popular amongst search engine results.

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