Snapchat Styled QR Nametags by Instagram – Have a Look!

In 2013, the Snapchat owner and CEO, Evan Spiegel turned down the whopping offer of $3 Billion to be taken over by Facebook, later on, Facebook came up with the brand new cross-platform social platform, Instagram. But it is always witnessed that many of the Facebook and Instagram features are inspired by Snapchat feature, be it stories, auto disposable chats, or the live filters.

Very recently there is a new feature by Instagram which is totally inspired by Snapchat, that is nametag system. The name card system is exactly like Snapcode of snap chat. By scanning Snapcode you can reach to the profile of the person. The Instagram nametag does the same thing only. You just need to scan it to reach the person/entity’s profile.

Let’s see how it works:
• An open person either displays his nametag on his phone or puts it up on other social platforms.
• Another person/people open Instagram and scans the tag either displayed on the phone, or he can take a screenshot from other social platform and can scan it.
• After scanning the tag, one can reach the profile of the Nametag profile holder and follow/unfollow them.

Now Instagram did a fun thing with Nametag, that one can modify and remodify their respectiveNametags using different colors, Emojis, and texts. Even with selfies and stickers.

There is also a sharing option where one can directly share his nametag to the WhatsApp contacts and other contacts over social media. So the people who are connected with him in other platforms can also connect with him over Instagram too.

Nametags are now available globally in Android and iOS users, both. Let’s cherish this new feature of Instagram as the feed is filled up with Nametags, everywhere, till something new pops up.

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