The announcement of Cards, Discovery Tools, Revamped Image Search at 20th Anniversary Event of Google

The announcement of Cards, Discovery Tools, Revamped Image Search at 20th Anniversary Event of Google

On its 20th anniversary, Google surprisingly announced some new features in the Search. Out of these features, some of them are totally new; some are developed from the existing old features while some are adapted from competing products.
Ben Gomes led this event while introducing three “search shifts” in the next generation. The three shifts were:
• From answers to journeys.
• From search queries to query less discovery.
• From text to visual content.

Personalization of “Search”

Previously, Microsoft stated that people were widely using “Search” for many purposes over the years like finding a job, buying a car, wedding planning, a list of apartments for rent, etc. Years later repeated the same statement but it classified the different search activities into two categories.
• Activity Cards – They enable the user to go back to the previous search from where they left it. Though users can edit these activity cards according to their specific personalization.
• Collections – They enable the users to save and organize the searched content on their phone. Collections are closely tied up with Activity Cards.

Topic Layer

Google is introducing The Topic Layer. During a specific search, the topic Layer provides thousands of sub-topics. This helps the users to choose the most relevant sub-topic which contains their preferred content. It also shows how the sub-topics are inter-related with each other which add on to the depth of the search.

Google Feed Changed to Discover

The new name of Google Feed is kept “Discover” which will be available on the mobile version. Apart from the changing name, some new capabilities and new user controls are also added. Users can choose their particular topics. Relevant sub-topics and relevant videos will be popped out by Google.

Borrowed Visual Search from Snapchat and Pinterest

With proper documentation and agreement, Google is updating its visual search options by borrowing it from Snapchat and Pinterest in order to enable a more user-friendly interface.

The Other Stuff

Some Job Search Capability Enhancements were done by Google to provide the users with more job opportunities near them. Google also signed some partnership deeds with the Virginia Community College System, The State of Virginia and Goodwill for the exposure of job-training opportunities in search.
Google is expanding and updating its SOS and Public Alerts in order to inform against floods. With the Indian Central Water Commission in partnership, Google is launching the program in India.

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